Alpi Craft



The mouse is to build and mine.
R key is to change tools.
ASDW keys are to move.

Game Details

Alpi Craft

Have you ever built a pretty house or a majestic castle in a beautiful 3D world, guys? If you have yet to express your cool desired world, come on and don’t miss the chance to enjoy a very glamorous Minecraft imaginary game – Alpi Craft. This time, players will visit the most wonderful 3D world of Minecraft and create their own gorgeous world. They use their artful hands and great ideas to construct various structures. First of all, they need to take the pickaxe and go around the world to mine and collect available materials such as rocks, stones, wood, cobblestones, and coal by breaking big blocks. Then, use the spatula to generate a pretty house. Besides, they are able to set up nice stores, gardens, farms, and yards to make the world livelier and warmer. Don’t forget to decorate your house with sparkling flowers and trees, guys. Enjoy!

Date Added: 2014-03-05

Category: Free Minecraft

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