Army Of Ages 2




Arrow keys are used for move the camera.
The spacebar is to select the base.
The left mouse is to send units and build towers.

Game Details

Army Of Ages 2

What do you think of the cool role of a talented commander of the strong army with aggressive soldiers in various vicious battles taking place in the Stone Age? Wow! It’s amazing! Don’t miss Army Of Ages since such battles are in this cool game! Here we go! The story of Army Of Ages started from the alien invasion on the Earth in the Stone Age. The ugly aliens desired to rule the whole planet at all costs, so they controlled monsters to defeat prehistoric men and build their home here. You are asked to enter the game to turn back to the Stone Age and help the prehistoric men cope with such frightening creatures. The detailed mission of players is to train knight units and send them to the battlefield to struggle against the foes. Moreover, building tower defenses is also a good way to slaughter them. Come on!

Date Added: 2014-08-25

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