Ball Miner

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Use the left mouse to destroy blocks.
The AD keys are move left and right.

Game Details

Ball Miner

Ball Miner is regarded as an addictive game which will test your skill in mining and destroying. That sounds unique, right? In fact, its exciting gameplay along with eye-catching graphics will not let you down, no matter what! Try it now!

Shortly speaking, managing the movement of a colored ball is the core job here. Let's move it in 2 main directions: left and right and be fast to destruct blocks to make way for it. The screen will automatically scroll up, so the speed of the player's fingers is important here. Besides, try to direct the ball to the colored gems' positions to collect them. The more gems it touches, the more scores the players attain. Always bear in mind that if the ball disappears from the player's view, the game will be over instantly.

Have access to Ball Miner to obtain the most entertaining moments, players! Here we go!

Date Added: 2015-04-03

Category: Mine Games

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