Block Story

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The chief keys for movement are the arrow keys.
Tap spacebar to jump.
Use the mouse to mine, place the blocks, use items and attack the enemies.

Game Details

Block Story

A new version of Mine Clone is coming up at the moment. Do you get prepared to accept a new challenge, all Minecraft fans? Join in Block Story and discover new things! Similar to other Mine Clone games, players will set foot in the 3D world – a limitless world full of various blocks. Their task here is to survive and become stronger. To do this, at first, the players have to discover the world. How does the world look like? Is there anything risky or dangerous? How to survive in this world? It’s rather simple. Everything that they have to do is to hunt animals for foods, mine resources to form buildings, craft some tools and weapons, etc. Result of the adventure depends on the players’ imagination. Let’s start playing Block Story and discover terrific things here!

Date Added: 2013-12-07

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