Caved In 2



The ASDW keys are to move.
The right mouse is to place bricks.
The left mouse is to fire.
F key is to place torch.

Game Details

Caved In 2

There are many interesting Minecraft adventure games. Which ones do you like best, guys? Have you ever played Caved in? If you have never enjoyed it, take the chance to explore its latest version – Caved In 2. It is absolutely certain that you will be attracted by its fantasy. Many features are updated and innovated, so it is worth discovering them, guys. Like the previous version, this time a Minecraft boy gets stuck in a dark and perilous cave. However, the adventure is more hazardous than ever. Players need to help him grab the torch and guide him through all of the dangers to ascend the surface. Along the way, never let the boy fall into the lava, or he will be dead, and the adventure is over. Besides, keep an eye on hostile creepers. Try to stay away from them. Once touching them, the mission fails. Hope for the best to you, guys!

Date Added: 2014-03-05

Category: Free Minecraft

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