Chroma Wars




The mouse is to place armies.
The arrow keys are to scroll the map.

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Chroma Wars

It is sure that you love Tower Defense games so much. That is why this game genre always has new games and fantastic changes. Do you want to see how they change and attract you? Play Chroma Wars to find the answer. Now, you are a commander who controls a lot of units. The first thing to do at the beginning of a battle is to manage and place your armies, commander. Please click on the icon in the army box to buy soldiers. Players have to place all their armies or there is no space to place them, select confirm in the army box and let the battle begin. Don’t be afraid if the first move goes to the enemies, this will give you time to plan your strategy for victory. During the game, try not to expose the flank or rear to enemies. Try to protect the base safely. Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-12-30

Category: Strategy Games

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