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Do you want to play any strategy game, guys? If you love it, please grab Civibattle and start showing your great tactics. In the game, players will role-play a general to destroy all enemies in their city. Ok, it is time to avail wise strategies and destroy all intruders right now. Look! Do you see a big board in front of you? Do you know what to do to manage your units? At first, the players will destroy all of the icons on the board to win the turn. There are many colorful icons on the battlefield. Hurry up to make lines of 3 or more of the identical colored icons, and then they will randomly disappear from the board. The more icons are gone away, the more points are counted, and the more resources are collected. After that, send troops out to the battlefield and beat invaders. Don’t forget to set up buildings and bases with the collected resources as well as unlocking new units. Have fun!

Date Added: 2015-01-02

Category: Strategy Games

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