Civilizations Wars




Civilizations Wars is enjoyed by using the left mouse.

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Civilizations Wars

Hi all fans of action games! Skipping Civilizations Wars will be definitely a great pity for you because it’s very special. It is regarded as a quick thinking RPG game which can enhance deep tactic capabilities of players. Not only this, it also contains awesome graphics in the impressive style. Pick out one of the three campaigns to start now! Here, some activities to experience include leading villagers towards the legendary fallen star to look for the secret force, battling with enemies through 99 levels, invading buildings of the hostile army, studying skills, learning how to avail spells, slaughtering huge monsters, and trying to gain 100 achievements for the successful end. Remember that houses will generate the villagers, crystals will bring them miraculous energy and high speed, and towers will help increase the power of protecting the home army. Here we go!

Date Added: 2014-08-28

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