Cloud Wars




The mouse is to control the game.

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Cloud Wars

Normally, you often fight against enemies on the surface. Now, you will find a new thing in a very wonderful real-time strategy game – Cloud Wars. Don’t lose your chance, guys. You will be king of the sky. Ok, let’s go and dominate the sky right now. In the game, the main goal of players is to capture all clouds in the space. Get excited to make a big breakthrough for yourself to gain the victory? There we come. At first, the players have to send their warriors from their main cloud out to the grey ones. They move these warriors from cloud to cloud as trying to conquer all of the clouds in the sky. If appearing any colored cloud in the space, it belongs to your enemy, guys. While guiding your units to the enemy’s clouds, the captured clouds will automatically produce more troops until they reach the biggest capacity. Don’t forget to collect stars and spend them on increasing capacity, speed, and creation rate of the units. Enjoy, guys!

Date Added: 2015-01-07

Category: Strategy Games

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