Creep Craft Demo




Move with the arrows.
Attack with Space.
Craft weapons with the left mouse.

Game Details

Creep Craft Demo

How scary the Minecraft world is? In order to clear your curiosity, spend time exploring a fun, interesting Minecraft-inspired game – Creep Craft Demo. Don't hesitate anymore, guys!
Getting fed up with the dull life in a deep cave; that's why the green creeper decides to sneak outside and enjoy the fresh air. However, he has no idea how dangerous his life is once setting foot out of the safe line. The Block World is always known as a terrified land full of dangers…how can the creeper survive in this place? Are you willing to give him a support? To stay here safely, the character must have a powerful weapon – go around and look for some vital items (wooden blocks and axe) to craft a sword. Utilize the weapon to knock the attackers down, bear in mind.
How many creepy monsters can you destroy in Creep Craft Demo? Quickly take actions and have fun in this game.

Date Added: 2016-05-10

Category: Craft Games

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