Crush The Castle TD




The mouse is to play the game.

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Crush The Castle TD

Once upon a time, a king of Redvonian Emlpire dominated many lands near his kingdom thanks to the assistance of his faithful and cunning Siege Master. This master vanquished all contenders opposing his king by destroying castles they concealed beneath with deadly precision. The talented Redvonian king didn’t fear anything. He is ready to protect his kingdom and kill all invaders. Play Crush The Castle TD to aid him, guys. He and his warriors will actually bury his enemies beneath debris and rubble. Now, it is time to battle against rivals and defend the castle, guys. Remember that the enemies will attack in waves and devastate the castle if it is unprotected, and they always follow a trail as long as one exists. Hurry up to build towers near the rivals to eliminate them. Good luck on your battle, guys!

Date Added: 2014-10-07

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