Cursed Treasure Dont Touch My Gems




The game is played with the mouse.

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Cursed Treasure Dont Touch My Gems

Welcome to Cursed Treasure Dont Touch My Gems, all game addicts! Try becoming a protector of a huge treasure of gems and prevent evil forces from stealing the gems! Are you bold enough to take up this task? Go with us and explore your competence now! First of all, players have to create their own group of powerful towers such as Den, Crypt, and Temple. Each will have different function, so consult it carefully before picking one to build. Keep in mind not to let any enemy take the gem out of the base to avoid losing the game. In addition, don’t forget to use Specials to receive helpful supports or avail Mana to build and enhance the towers’ power. Especially, take the earned gold from destroying the enemies to buy more important Skills in order to improve the current towers’ damage. Whenever the game is advanced, more and more surprising things will appear. Be quick to join in and savor all right now!

Date Added: 2014-11-12

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