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Dangerous Adventure

Come with us and take part in a cool journey of 5 talented warriors! They possess 5 different powers, but one sole aim. If you’re curious about their aim, please enter Dangerous Adventure to know now! One terrific thing is that players will be a leader of the 5 persons, and the chief task here is to control the heroes to destroy all the enemies on the way. How to play? Start looking at a large board at the center. There are thousand of colorful blocks (yellow, red, purple, green, and blue). Keep in mind that each block will be corresponding to warriors and the enemies. Pick up a group of 2 or more blocks with the similar color to take the power for each warrior. Relying on that, he could attack and defeat the enemies with ease. Especially, please upgrade a Protection Shield in order to prevent the counter attack. Pull your socks up to accomplish each level well and then move forward the next ones. Act and wish you succeed! Good luck, guys!

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