Death Race

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Press Z and X for movement.
Tap spacebar to jump.

Game Details

Death Race

Welcome to Death Race, guys! It is a spectacular tron styled game where the players will control the machine from the future. With the 3D graphics and the fast motorcycles that can reach 200km/h. Your ultimate goal for this game is to beat all the enemies in the arena. At first, you will choose the color (pink, blue, green, and yellow) for your own machine and the jump speed. The selected color will create a colored belt behind you which can catch the opponents into the traps. Use your racing skill to avoid the other’s walls while trying to make the enemies crash into yours. The last rider who’s still standing will gain the victory. Death Race supports 2-player mode, so don’t be hesitate to call your friends and have a fierce racing battle. Try your best to achieve the best score. Are you ready to enter this survival game? Wish you all the best!

Date Added: 2014-12-23

Category: Craft Games

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