Use the left mouse for movement.
The spacebar is to dig.

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Guys! Experience something new and exciting in Deminer now! Each time you think about gold and treasures, which plan will you have so as to grab them? Certainly, there is nothing better than setting foot in this funny game to snatch what you want.

Once players have sunk into the game, they will meet a character called the Miner. Can you guess what he is doing? Actually, he is holding a pickaxe which is used to dig down. Let's help him mine everything with this tool until the bag is filled with valuable ores and minerals. One noticeable thing is that the above mining must be accomplished under pressure time. Remember to move the Miner around the field in many different directions to search out the most precious things.

Get full-prepared? Hit the Play button and infiltrate deep into the gameplay of Deminer right away!

Date Added: 2015-03-30

Category: Mine Games

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