Demonrift TD




The mouse is to place units.

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Demonrift TD

My, fighters! A fictional kingdom of Emaeron is under attack. The king needs you who are strong and sagacious enough to help him expel all invaders from his kingdom. Wow! Your duty is so supreme. Please play Demonrift TD and both of you will discuss strategies. Luckily, you will be supported by mighty knights and lots of units. It is time to guide them to the gate of the kingdom and start killing all intruders. Never let any enemy survive, guys. At first, players have to place their units along the wavy path towards the castle in order to prevent them from approaching it. Remember that the units are put on available building spots only. The more foes are beaten, the more money is gained. Use it to buy other powerful units and upgrade the posts to give them additional fighters. After completing a level, you can get resources for training your troops and setting up buildings in completed areas. Good luck, guys!

Date Added: 2015-01-30

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