Destroy Mine Hole




The mouse is to control the pig.

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Destroy Mine Hole

One day, there were a lot of angry birds attacking cute pigs to steal foods and broke into territory. Finally, the pigs lost everything. They had to move to another peaceful zone and start their new life. Now, a brave pig is planning to destroy all of the angry birds and get the territory for his pig world. Want to take part in the battle with him, guys? Enjoy a very great game – Destroy Mine Hole to start the war. This time, players will guide the pig through all of the obstacles and reach enemies soon. It is time for you and your pig to take revenge on the birds. Get ahead to destroy all of the enemies! Explode fruits, items, and blocks. Then, proceed to the birds and kill them. Try to overcome all of the challenging levels and win the battle, guys. Have fun!

Date Added: 2014-07-26

Category: Minecraft Games

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