Easter Island TD




Just use the mouse to play this game.

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Easter Island TD

Your task in this tower defense game is to protect Easter Island by using magical stone heads. Your enemies are waves of land and air creeps. They appear to destroy your island. You have to prevent your enemies from reaching the end of the path. Find the place on the grass to put the stone heads. Please remember to put your defenses where they can kill most enemies. Your life will decrease if the enemies move to the end of the path. So, don’t let the waves of land and air creeps escape! You can put only three stone heads for the first battle. After killing the enemies, your money will increase. Then, you can put more stone heads or choose other defenses which are stronger. Use your wisdom to create a firm protection which can’t be attacked by any enemies. Wish you a funny time with Easter Island TD!

Date Added: 2014-12-17

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