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Epic War 4




Use the mouse to play only.

Game Details

Epic War 4

Hey, all game lovers, love becoming a hero? Do you think that you own any special ability to attain it? Have an access in Epic War 4 to carry out your desire immediately! There are 12 stages in total and 4 extra stages for additional challenge. Sound excited and awesome, right? Let’s start fighting against strange and hostile creatures! Train the first hero and then guide him to enter the battle. Observe 4 main hotkeys at the bottom, consisting of Full Back, Retreat, March, and Assail. Click on each in order to control the hero to run, use his sword to attack, etc. Remember not to let any creature come to his own tower successfully. Try to defeat all of them to land on other areas as well as receiving a certain amount of gold. Relying on that, the players might upgrade more heroes and special spells. Take action and hope you get more joyfulness with this nice game!

Date Added:2014-09-04

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