Fallen Empire




The left mouse is used to play the game.

Game Details

Fallen Empire

At the moment, you will be gifted a wonderful present; it's a stimulating tower defense game named Fallen Empire. One special thing is that it is set in a fantasy world which will knock your socks off at the star. What are you waiting for? Hit the small button at the bottom for the commencement right now!

Like traditional TD types which you have ever played before, the game mentioned here has the major objective of building protections (towers, turrets, and traps) next to the path to assault evil critters that march down on the ground or fly in the air. The deployment, which is carefully and wisely made, will eliminate all enemies automatically. Further, the current defenses should be upgraded after the income has been accumulated, or the players can purchase the new ones for strengthening the home army for the fight against the rivals.

Keep your decision aside and tap the Ready to set Fallen Empire in motion right now. Let's go!

Date Added: 2015-04-29

Category: Mine Games

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