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The left mouse is used to enjoy the game.

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Flashcraft Minecraft

The king in Flashcraft is calling your support. What happened to him and his kingdom? A few days ago, demons from hell came and destroyed some villages in his land. His people were also threatened to be slaughtered. Get hurried to become his savior responsible for getting rid if the evil force from the kingdom and regaining the peace here. Start now!

The king requires players to have experience enough to root out the threat from the demons. Be prompt to build up a chain of tower defenses along the path to thwart them in entering the castle. Several sorts of the protection are Arrow, Ice, Light, Ultra, and Fire. Just avail the offered fund to get some of them and deploy them in strategic positions so that the enemies are exterminated totally.

Want to demonstrate your b leadership in the struggle against all enemies? Play Flashcraft right away!

Date Added: 2015-05-13

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