Forest Guardians




The left mouse is used to manage the game.

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Forest Guardians

Never skip anything new and wonderful from a special TD game with the RPG elements like Forest Guardians, all players! It will get you excited and shocked as soon as you enter its gameplay. Here we go!

Interestingly, the goal is to shield all seedlings from bunches of ugly creatures trying to march to the main station. How to make the good protection? It's simple! Just plant flowers, trees, grass towers, clouds, islands, and other special traps along the road where they will go on. By the way, giving the above protection system orbs will help increase the towers' abilities and power, which make them fight off the enemies more efficiently. Additionally, fairies will appear to assist you in dealing with the bosses by their multitude of ways.

Are you full-prepared to take part in the fight against all disgusting rivals? Play Forest Guardians right now!

Date Added: 2015-05-06

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