Frost Bite 2




The arrows: Move, jump, and enter caves.
The mouse: Use grappling hook.

Game Details

Frost Bite 2

After the mountain-climbing adventure in the first chapter, let's pack your bags and participate in a new, fascinating journey with Frost Bite 2. This time, you'll explore the dark caves!
The second installment is a vertical-scrolling platformer from Nitrome. Accessing the playing field, you'll take control of a climber who is trying to reach the final destination of several different caves. How to perform the task? Each player is equipped with a grappling hook that helps them climb up from place to place. Along the way, expose your abilities to kill deadly evil monsters as well as collect frosty treats entirely. In order to unlock bonus stages, you need to grab all the letters and spell the word 'BONUS' correctly. Once reached the Finish line, please raise the victory flag.
Overcome 10 standard levels and 10 bonus stages in Frost Bite 2 excellently to gain the glory victory. Good luck!

Date Added: 2016-05-11

Category: Strategy Games

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