Giants And Dwarves TD




The left mouse is used to enjoy Giants And Dwarves TD.

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Giants And Dwarves TD

It's awful! Inhabitants of a beautiful island can't prevail over cursed monsters which desire to occupy this land. Therefore, they are calling for your aid to save their life. Play Giants And Dwarves TD to do that!

Here, defeating all monsters from the island is the basic objective players are requested. Look! Civilians are ready for the vicious battle with these enemies. Excitingly, we will not directly fight against the targets, but use the tower defense strategy for the battle. Just build up protections and deploy defenders along the enemies' pathway to stop them from coming to the portal. Each time a group of enemies is totally slain, a considerable amount of gold is added to the total budget. It's further stimulating that it may be spent on powerful upgrades e.g. spells, new towers, new heroes, and other units.

Giants And Dwarves TD is seen as your chance to get full experience of a commander. Let's go!

Date Added: 2015-05-20

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