Harvest Defender




To aim and shoot: use the mouse.

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Harvest Defender

Let's start a new day by becoming a Harvest Defender, all buddies! What's the certain task in this game? Pack your bags, jump into the main field, and discover with us!

Here, the players need to fulfill an ultimate goal – protecting your beautiful farm from the greedy enemies. If you're too careless, all the precious vegetables and fruits will be destroyed immediately. According to in-game instructions, you must quickly build different types of barricades to attack the invaders. Place them around your farm for a wise protection! Once seeing the incoming hostiles, simply activate the weapon and start shooting bullets towards the intruders. At the end of each fight, don't forget to upgrade the gun for increasing the high chance of winning.

Bear in mind, never let the starving creatures devastate your farm! Join in Harvest Defender to wipe them all off the screen!

Date Added: 2015-09-17

Category: Strategy Games

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