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The left mouse is the main tool to play the game.

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Heroes Empire

As it comes to turn-based strategy games, you should not ignore the fact that this game genre strongly impresses you. Then, why don't you try Heroes Empire to understand more it? Let's go!

The important goal players must keep any eye as soon as entering the game is to expand an empire so that it becomes wealthy. To do that, it's asserted that 2 important missions must be accomplished here: enriching the empire and protecting it from enemies. Send army units to the battlefield to fight against the conquerors, players. Wisely utilize the offered resources to hire soldier units and build up strong defenses in the areas where the enemies can go through. Moreover, capture neighbor territories to strengthen the empire.

It's interesting to take up the role as leader of an empire and make it more prosperous. Play Heroes Empire right now!

Date Added: 2015-05-23

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