The mouse is the chief key to interact with this game.

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Hey, all game lovers! Want to join in another war and protect a large beautiful territory from hostile critters’ assault? Have an access in Incursion right away to begin your journey! Players will come to each area to prevent the critters. Therefore, they need to create a group of talented and advanced defenders. Click on available barracks to train the defenders such as Footman, Arches, and Sorceress. Keep in mind to follow available instructions to train the correct defenders. Okay? Whenever attacking, don’t forget to guide them towards the critters’ positions in order to defeat quickly and effectively. The more the critters are destroyed, the more coins the players can receive. Gather as many as possible to penetrate deep into the next stages. Continue playing and discover more wonderful and surprising things here. Be willing, all guys? There we come!

Date Added: 2014-10-06

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