Kill The Creeper



Kill The Creeper is totally managed by controlling the left mouse.

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Kill The Creeper

Welcome players to Kill The Creeper – a product emanating from two game genres (Minecraft and puzzle)! As you know, green creepers are frightening and dangerous creatures in many Minecraft games, and hateful enemies of the Minecraft guy. Thus, can you enter Kill The Creeper to help him beat all of these creepers? It’s interesting! Do you wonder how to do that? It’s simple! Let’s wisely destroy possible blocks since the unique solution is to throw the creepers at lava. Further, when the creepers get stuck in platforms, let’s click on Reset to try again. Because Kill The Creeper is designed as the structure of a puzzle game, there is the certain number of levels here. Don’t hesitate to discover each of them one by one, all players. Come on! Show your keen intelligence and cleverness right away!

Date Added: 2013-12-07

Category: Minecraft Games

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