Kill The Heroes




Use the left mouse to play this game.

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Kill The Heroes

Oh dears! It looks like Kill The Heroes will give you a brand-new look about tower defense games. Then, don't mind placing yourself in its game space to explore all innovations which may get you amused and seduced. Let's go!

Being played as a special sort of tower defense, the game will ask its players to build up turrets, traps, drone factories, and other towers whereby the certain targets will be defeated. It's special that the targets here are heroes. Not playing as these heroes anymore, let's become monsters and eliminate them from the pathway on the game interface while they are trying to cover it. It's necessary to set up weapons on the towers and upgrade the current protection, but it requires money. Show good strategies for slaying lots of enemies to get much money.

Tap Play to discover the content of Kill The Heroes, all guys! Don't hesitate anymore! Set out to fight now!

Date Added: 2015-05-30

Category: Strategy Games

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