Killers On Blocks



ASDW keys are for movements.
Space bar is to jump.
The mouse is to shoot.

Game Details

Killers On Blocks

Do you want to make a cool adventure in a wonderful 3D world, guys? This time, you will role-play a skillful hunter and explore this world to destroy all of the bad creatures. If you are truly interested in this adventure, enjoy Killers On Blocks and take your gun to start the work now. It is completely certain that the game will blow your mind by its fantastic journey. First of all, players go around the 3D world to find enemies. They can hide behind blocks, big trees, houses, lakes, or mountains, so be careful. Along the way, don’t touch them, and try to avoid their attacks. Once these creatures nearly reach you, shoot them, guys. The more enemies are killed, the better score will be, and the cooler your shooting skills are. Remember that bullets are limited, so use them wisely. Good luck on your journey!

Date Added: 2014-03-05

Category: Free Minecraft

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