Kingdom Rush Frontiers




Kingdom Rush Frontiers is played by using the left mouse only.

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Hey guys! Love Tower Defense games? If yes, you will be totally surprised at Kingdom Rush Frontiers – a perfect combination of strategy and tower defense games. Furthermore, beautiful graphics and cliffhanging content will always keep yourselves entertained and bring you wonderful feelings. Don’t miss Kingdom Rush Frontiers at any cost, players! Big bunches of monsters and orcs are advancing towards a beautiful and powerful kingdom, and protecting this place is your important mission at the moment. Of course, the best strategy for fighting against them is the tower defense deployment. Take advantage of the available budget to purchase possible tower defenses, and then deploy them along the path from linking the bastion to the outside. The enemies’ death will bring back more money. Then, continue buying more powerful towers to cope with them more efficiently. Here we go!

Date Added: 2014-08-01

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