Long Way




The left mouse is used to enjoy Long Way.

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Long Way

Get access to Long Way – a Wild West-themed TD game attached to the RPG elements. It will be a spectacular chance for you to enjoy feelings of a commander in the battle with bandits. Sound fascinating? Don't hesitate to go about this fight right away!

In each campaign here, the player in the role of a commander must deploy cowboys along the wavy path to keep bulls safe from aggressive bandits. The campaign will come to a failed end if all of these bulls are taken away. That's the reason why upgrading the cowboys' power is extremely important. Buy the possible upgrades and good skills after attaining a specific amount of gold and experience from the previous campaign.

Nothing beats dipping yourself into Long Way and trying the role as a commander in the struggle for the bulls' safety. Set out to do the task now!

Date Added: 2015-07-18

Category: Strategy Games

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