Lost Yet

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Arrow keys are used to move.
Jump by Spacebar (only in level 1).
V key is to throw Ninja Stars (level 3)
Jump ahead to next level by Q.

Game Details

Lost Yet

Lost Yet is full of excitement. When your turn comes, you will always meet unexpected things. In the first level, you will have to control a ball through the maze and collect all the floating blocks you see along the way to the exit. Until you find the exit, you will become an elf. And then, you need to find the way to another lower level. In both the upper and lower levels, there are holes on the ground. Until you find the hole in the crater, you will go to the final level. In the final level, you will stray into an icy situation. On the way to get out of the maze, there are Yeti blocking your path. Don’t worry! Just by pressing V key, your ninja will throw a ninja star and take care of those Yeti’s without any problems.

Date Added: 2014-12-17

Category: Craft Games

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