Man Or Monster




Arrow/ASDW keys are used to move around.
The mouse is to aim and shoot.

Game Details

Man Or Monster

Hey boys! Move on to Man Or Monster if you wish to do something great! Here is an amazing action game in which you will become a superhero in hearts of citizens. It's interesting, right? Try it now!

Being the superhero, each player must travel around the city to confront the huge monster – the most dangerous enemy of the humankind. Use the supplied tool to battle against and prevail over this target. More significantly, let's rescue the citizens from troubles. They will give the hero a specific amount of cash to continue the fight. Don't forget to spend it on upgrades and equipment items which are utilized to deal with the enemy's fierce attacks. Once the enemy has destroyed the whole city, the game will be over, remember!

It's interesting to play Man Or Monster as a superhero, right? Do you think so? Start now!

Date Added: 2015-04-06

Category: Mine Games

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