Mars Miner




Left/right arrow keys are for movement.
The up arrow key is to fly up.
The down arrow key is to dig down.

Game Details

Mars Miner

Have you ever imagined how our beautiful world will be in 2090? A prediction supposes that all resources on the Earth will be exhausted, and humans begin discovering and exploiting new planets. Mars is known as one of their best targets. Now it’s time to come to Mars Miner – a cool game simulating the humans’ future adventure to Mars. It’s further absorbing that you will role-play the first discoverer here, players. Let’s control the Digger – the only machine to mine valuable things under the ground of Mars. The spectacular game includes lots of challenging levels, and each one provides the players with a certain amount of fuel used for digging down. Take advantage of it in a wise and clever way to get lots of precious items. Don’t waste it by stupid crashes! Remember that!

Date Added: 2014-07-08

Category: Free Minecraft

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