Mauled Zero




The left mouse is the main tool for playing the game.

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Mauled Zero

Mauled Zero is referred to as a new tower defense game in which each player will become a general or commander in charge of shielding his land from the conquest. Would you like to take up this noble mission? If yes, be quick to get access to this cool game right away!

In reference to the significant task which needs to be completed during this tower defense game, let's battle with 20 types of rivals by building strong protection systems. In more detail, put wizards next to the path with the aim of burning, freezing, shocking, and poisoning waves of enemies. Besides, deploy a group of heroes in strategic slots along the path, and throw meteors down into the enemies' location. It's necessary to upgrade the defense fence, remember!

Mauled Zero is too interesting to experience. Start now!

Date Added: 2015-09-05

Category: Strategy Games

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