Mega Miner




The arrow keys are to direct the drilling machine.
Spacebar is to interact with the items.

Game Details

Mega Miner

Have a visit on Mega Miner, all Minecraft lovers! There is a spacious land full of valuable resources such as coal, gold, diamond, etc. Yearn to savor all, right? Don’t wait anymore! Come with us now! In this game, players will guide a drilling machine to mine the underground resources. They need to pay attention to 2 vital meters as Cargo and Fuel. Remember to go back to the ground before the fuel is run out or the cargo is full of resources. Got it? Then sell all in the Shop to get coins. Thanks to the earned coins, the players are able to upgrade their drilling machine or go to the Mechanics to repair if there is something wrong with it. Ah, don’t forget to add more fuel to continue the task, guys. There is no time for waiting. Take action and accomplish the chief task here. Good luck to you!

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Category: Free Minecraft

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