To drill: A & D/left & right arrow keys.
Use Nitro: W/Up arrow key.
Send the Mole: the mouse.

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To escape from a poor life, a Minecraft man decided to go mining. Luckily, he found that there are a large number of precious materials in the Minecraft world. Wish to travel and aid him, guys? Don’t mind accessing Megadrill at this time! Here we go! Players have 25 weeks to start executing their main task; that is, mine as many materials as possible in order to get more money. However, in each week, they just have the certain number of fuels, so try to control the megadrill carefully and cleverly to take more materials. Got it? With more money, the players should upgrade their tool such as steering wheel, hull strength, fuel tanks, drill strength, and radar power. In addition, don’t skip catching any trophies because they’re worthier than the materials. Now, time to work, explore other awesome things and become the wealthiest person. Hope you succeed!

Date Added: 2014-06-26

Category: Free Minecraft

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