Mine Blocks 1.26.4




The left mouse is to break blocks.
The arrow keys are for movement.
Combine the left mouse and the Shift key to put blocks.

Game Details

Mine Blocks 1.26.4

Going around a beautiful forest with magical landscapes, a Minecraft guy suddenly thinks off a crazy but good idea of building glossy structures in this place. Oh! In order to smooth the building process, he is calling your support as well as your clever hands. Enjoy Mine Blocks 1.26.4 right away! Some jobs which players are required here are earning and collecting numerous natural resources, opening the Inventory to take and use such items for building structures, and crafting tools (axes, pickaxes, hammers, hoes, etc.) Notice that several hazardous creatures like zombies, creepers, or endermen will attack the guy at nightfall. Try to keep this character far away from them, or he will die, and all of his projects will be broken. Moreover, creating strong weapons is the efficient method for tackling them.

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