Mine Car Mayhem




Change the direction: A & D.
Jump: Up arrow key.

Game Details

Mine Car Mayhem

Hey, all Minecraft fans! Time to challenge your cleverness and cautiousness! Are you confident to show up? Please access Mine Car Mayhem and start immediately! Players’ chief task is to direct a Minecraft miner to control a car to transport minerals. Change the direction of the steering wheel from left to right and vice versa in order to move smoothly on a railroad. Think that it’s rather simple? It’s not, guys. Keep in mind that the car moves rather quickly, so the players have to balance it to avoid falling out. Let’s view a meter at the top, ensure that the magnetic needle is always in the green area. If it leans towards any side much, the miner can’t control the balance and then everything will be over. In addition, don’t forget to guide him to jump over road blocks. Take a chance and relish yourself!

Date Added: 2014-07-17

Category: Free Minecraft

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