Mine Clone v2 Minecraft

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Use arrow keys for direction.
Hit spacebar to jump.
Click left or right mouse to remove or build the blocks.
Press E to open the Inventory and F to know the tasks.
Scroll the mouse to change the weapon.

Game Details

Mine Clone v2 Minecraft

Instead of creating a new land on the 2D Minecraft world, why don’t you come to Mine Clone v2 Minecraft to enjoy a couple of new things? Surely, you will experience lots of wonderful moments. Don’t let this chance slip away! Come with us now! The first impressive thing here is the 3D world. Everything looks real and lively with lots of different blocks connecting together. Players have to carry out each individual task in this game. These tasks will support the main objective; that is to create a new world. This game gives lots of available blocks in the Inventory. Avail the imagination to place the blocks in the certain order to form wonderful buildings. How does the world look like? It depends on the players. Now, try playing and see the result! Enjoy yourself!

Date Added: 2013-12-07

Category: Free Minecraft

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