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Mine Escape




The arrow keys are to drive the truck.

Game Details

Mine Escape

Right now, a miner is being trapped in a collapsing cave in a complicated game – Mine Escape. Come on and help him get out of there before the cave collapses, guys. Here we go!

Look! He is getting in his truck, and there are many rocks and stones are falling off the ground in front of him. The main task of players is to guide him through these falling rocks tactically without being dead. Can you do that, guys? It is time to control the car and start your rescue now. The players have to drive as quickly as they can in order to save fuel. Along the way, don't miss the chance to collect money and fuel buckets which help the truck move farther. During the game, try to get over broken bridges rapidly. Never let it drop to valleys, or your mission is over, guys. After running out of the fuel, the players can visit the store to buy some fuel and upgrade the truck.

Enjoy Mine Escape and help the miner get home soon, guys!

Date Added:2015-03-18

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