Mine Hero




Player 1: use the arrow keys to move.
Player 2: press WASD to walk around.

Game Details

Mine Hero

Feeling bored? Take a look at Mine Hero – a fun and unique game! In there, you can discover a dark cave with lots of mysterious things. Find out now!

Being inspired by the popular game – Bubble Bobble, this amazing game is all about shooting glowing bubbles. For what? Lots of dangerous mines are bouncing everywhere, so a brave hero decides to destroy them all. The only as well as the most efficient way is to release bubbles to reduce the mines' size. However, it just works for a few seconds. To destroy those mines completely, guide the hero to jump and pop over them instantly. If not, they'll be back to the normal size and can hurt your character. Don't miss picking up all the hearts to refill your HP bar.

Can't wait any longer, right? Head towards Mine Hero to pop as many mines as possible! Are you ready? Time to act!

Date Added: 2015-03-30

Category: Mine Games

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