Mine Me Some Gold




The arrow keys are to control the game.

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Mine Me Some Gold

A kingdom is sunk into poverty in Mine Me Some Gold. That is why the king needs your help. Currently, he has found a rich land full of gold. He cannot collect it alone.

Hurry up to play Mine Me Some Gold and aid him in mining these gold ores and help the whole kingdom overcome the poverty. Look! The king is waiting for you on the land. It is time to prepare your drill and start your job. At first, players have to make the way down to the ground. Along the way, they will pick up pieces of gold and sell them to get money. Once the energy nearly runs out, please return to the surface and recover it. Don't forget to upgrade the drill to dig faster and deeper. During the search, try not to hit any skull, or you will be dead, guys. Remember to leave a workable pathway back up.

Enjoy yourself in Mine Me Some Gold!

Date Added: 2015-03-06

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