Mine Runner

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The chief keys for direction are WASD keys.
Tap spacebar to jump.

Game Details

Mine Runner

Ready for an amazing race, all Minecraft fans? Are you a clever runner? Can you overcome all of the obstacles in Mine Runner? Why don’t you spend a bit of time on enjoying this cool game? Let’s travel with us at the moment! Here we go! In this game, players will control a Minecraft guy to join in the race. At the same time, try to avoid all obstacles in the road such as lava, water, trees, men, etc. If he touches any obstacle, the game will come to an end immediately. In addition, don’t forget to gather some available coins. Thanks to these coins, the players can purchase anything in the shop which they like or even increase the power of the Minecraft guy or change his style. Now play and see how best you are in Mine Runner, guys. Hope you have more fun with this game!

Date Added: 2013-12-07

Category: Free Minecraft

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