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WASD are for driving.
Press spacebar to jump.
Use mouse to turn left/right/

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Hi, all Minecraft fans! You are looking for an exciting driving game from Minecraft? We have great news today! Don’t go anywhere as we’ve brought Minecar to you! Enter this game now to own an odd car for yourself. Actually, there’s no particular task for the players in Minecar. Just drive that car around on the road in the beautiful Minecraft. Players only need to control the vehicle well and drive it through every terrain. When seeing the hills, tap Space to let the car jump and overcome that difficulty. Be careful, or the car will be flipped over. Use your cleverly driving skill to overcome surprising things while enjoying the new world a fascinating landscape. Now, go there and get in the car! Let’s start the journey, guys! Much fun!

Date Added: 2014-12-24

Category: Craft Games

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