Minecart Madness

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The spacebar or the up arrow key is to jump.

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Minecart Madness

Minecart Madness is surely one of the regarding games in case you want to check the speed of your fingers and your observable capacity. Then, don't mind hitting the Ready button for the first test, guys!

Of course, each player is permitted to experience a big number of different levels from the ease to difficulty. Take first one to know about the test's content! It's exactly related to guiding a miner sitting in his cart to the suggested target. As seeing, his cart is designed to run automatically, so the most importance here is not to take control of his speed. Instead, aid him to jump up and fly over bottomless gaps and obstacles along his way. The further he can run, the more points the players acquire. Oh guys! The game is indeed the protagonist's mad trip which will astonish you.

Get yourself enjoyed with Minecart Madness right now! Demanding challenges are waiting for your discovery.

Date Added: 2015-04-02

Category: Mine Games

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