Minecraft Creeper Diamond



Use left and right arrow keys to guide the Creeper.
Tap spacebar to jump.

Game Details

Minecraft Creeper Diamond

Would you like to enjoy one of the most fantastic Minecraft games – Minecraft Creeper Diamond? It’s assured that you will get more great feelings through an interesting and challenging journey. Don’t wait any longer! Access Minecraft Creeper Diamond now! Travel with a Creeper to search for a huge diamond treasure in a large cave. To cover the tough mission, players need to be clever and careful when moving in the cave because there are lots of obstacles such as icy blocks and arrow blocks. These blocks will prevent the Creeper coming to the treasure. Whenever falling into the lava, he has to return to the starting point. Therefore, try to attain a flag in each stage to avoid wasting time. Beside, do not forget to take diamond eggs, guys. Try to reach the finishing point and demonstrate the ability. Come on and play it now!

Date Added: 2013-12-07

Category: Free Minecraft

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