Minecraft Parking




Move: WASD or Arrows.
Brake: Spacebar

Game Details

Minecraft Parking

Welcome back to Minecraft, fellows! What genre do you want to savor today? How about Minecraft Parking – a new update? Give it a try to know exactly about this game! Here we come!

In this 3D sandbox game, the players will challenge themselves with a new part-time job; that's, parking expert. Not much work to do, but you still earn a good salary. How attracting, huh? The only requirement here is – cleverness! Now, go to the Boxy World to receive the task from Mr. Big Nose. All you need to do is driving and parking customers' cars at the right places. At first, players will be given 300 coins. Do the objective well to earn amazing tips soon. While controlling the vehicle, please try to avoid colliding with other cars and trucks. Otherwise, you're asked to start the game again. Keep collecting the gold stars to proceed to gain the best score.

Don't be hesitant anymore, guys! Tap on Minecraft Parking and prove your driving skill to us!

Date Added: 2015-09-19

Category: Strategy Games

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