Miner Problem 3D

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The spacebar is used for keeping the spaceship balancing while flying.

Game Details

Miner Problem 3D

Miner Problem 3D is about the space exploration of a group of scientists and android workers from the Earth. Unfortunately, the android workers’ spaceships have been trapped while flying through a burning mining facility. That’s why you are introduced to engage in Miner Problem 3D to help them escape here. There is only one powerful spaceship which can afford to penetrate deep into the facility and save those trapped androids. Get ready to accept this urgent mission? Be quick to complete it so that the space exploration can be continued, all players! Try to control the spaceship in a professional way that it can balance in the air and more importantly evade obstructions scattered everywhere. Pick up green fuel barrels for charging fuel for the ship. Further, rescuing the android workers will bring back many points. Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-06-17

Category: Free Minecraft

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